Dynamic Simulation of a MEMS Cantilever Switch

James W. Fonda, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Steve Eugene Watkins, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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The dynamic behavior of a micro-electro-mechanicalsystem (MEMS) cantilever switch is investigated. Overactuation of the switch can degrade bounce characteristics and reduce the lifetime of the contacts. This work concerns the development of a control system that limits the number of switch bounces and reduces the impact force on the beam tip. A limited mass-spring analysis of the tip-position is given and an associated control approach is applied. Input limiting, state-feedback, and adaptive control methods are compared. All results demonstrate improved switch bounce characteristics for the simplified beam model with the adaptive showing the best performance improvement. A comprehensive finite element analysis is shown that predicts the dynamic beam behavior along the entire length. This approach produces a realistic model of the beam during switching, especially the tip displacement. A versatile control system is proposed that uses finite-element-analysis simulation and adaptive control. The feasibility of this dynamic control system is also discussed.