Dual Heuristic Programming Excitation Neurocontrol for Generators in a Multimachine Power System

Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Donald C. Wunsch, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Ronald G. Harley

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The design of optimal neurocontrollers that replace the conventional automatic voltage regulators for excitation control of turbogenerators in a multimachine power system is presented in this paper. The neurocontroller design is based on dual heuristic programming (DHP), a powerful adaptive critic technique. The feedback variables are completely based on local measurements from the generators. Simulations on a three-machine power system demonstrate that DHP based neurocontrol is much more effective than the conventional PID control for improving dynamic performance and stability of the power grid under small and large disturbances. This paper also shows how to design optimal multiple neurocontrollers for nonlinear systems, such as power systems, without having to continually online train the neural networks, thus avoiding risks of instability.