Study of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Iron-Rich Mixed Rare-Earth NdDyFe (17-y-x)CoxSiy Compounds

Kishore Kamaraju
Jinbo Yang
William B. Yelon, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Oran Allan Pringle, Missouri University of Science and Technology
M. S. Kim
Qingsheng Cai
William Joseph James, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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A series of NdDyFe(17-y-x)CoxSiy solid solutions with = 2 and 3 and = 0.5 1.0 and 1.5 were prepared by induction melting stoichiometric amounts of high-purity elements. The postannealed samples consist of two phases belonging to the space groups R3 m and P63 mmc . The lattice parameters and the unit cell volumes were calculated from the refinements of the magnetic and structural unit cells using the FULLPROF version of the Rietveld program. For a fixed content of Co, the maximum Curie temperatures (305 C to 405 C) were observed in samples with = 1 and having two phases, a disordered rhombohedral (DR) structure and a disordered hexagonal (DH) structure. An increase in the Curie temperature of 70 C per atom of cobalt is observed in NdDyFe(17-y-x)CoxSiy with y = 1 and x< 3, suggesting that with a suitable choice of rare earths this DR phase may be a promising candidate for high-energy product permanent magnets. The magnetization versus temperature (M versus T) plots of the solid solutions, which consist of two phases, exhibit only a single magnetic ordering transition temperature.