Three-body Dynamics in Single Ionization of Atomic Hydrogen by 75 KeV Proton Impact

Ahmad Hasan, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Michael Schulz, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Aaron C. LaForge
Jason S. Alexander
M. F. Ciappina
M. A. Khakoo
Kisra Nayomal Egodapitiya

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Doubly differential cross sections for single ionization of atomic hydrogen by 75 keV proton impact have been measured and calculated as a function of the projectile scattering angle and energy loss. This pure three-body collision system represents a fundamental test case for the study of the reaction dynamics in few-body systems. A comparison between theory and experiment reveals that three-body dynamics is important at all scattering angles and that an accurate description of the role of the projectile-target-nucleus interaction remains a major challenge to theory.