Precision Measurement of the Hydrogen-Deuterium 1S-2S Isotope Shift

Christian G. Parthey
Arthur Matveev
Janis Alnis
Randolf Pohl
Thomas Udem
Ulrich D. Jentschura, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Nikolai Kolachevsky
Theodor W. Hänsch

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Measuring the hydrogen-deuterium isotope shift via two-photon spectroscopy of the 1S-2S transition, we obtain 670994334606(15) Hz. This is a 10-times improvement over the previous best measurement confirming its frequency value. a calculation of the difference of the mean square charge radii of deuterium and hydrogen results in r2d-r2 p=3.82007(65)fm2, a more than twofold improvement compared to the former value.