Higher-order Contributions Observed in Three-dimensional (E,2e) Cross-section Measurements at 1-keV Impact Energy

M. Dürr
C. Dimopoulou
B. Najjari
A. Dorn
K. Bartschat
I. Bray
D. V. Fursa
Zhangjin Chen
Don H. Madison, Missouri University of Science and Technology
J. Ullrich

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We present experimental and theoretical fully differential cross sections for single ionization by fast, 1-keV (v=8.6 a.u.) electron impact. The cross sections were measured using a momentum imaging technique for electrons and ions (reaction microscope), which covers a large fraction of the emission angles for emitted low-energy electrons (E<15>eV) and a wide range of scattering angles. Therefore comprehensive data sets are obtained for ionizing collisions at small relative momentum and energy transfer from the projectile to the target system. The experimental data are compared with predictions from several state-of-the-art theoretical calculations. At this high impact energy the calculated cross section for electron emission out of the scattering plane appears to be particularly sensitive to the treatment of higher orders in the projectile-target interaction within perturbative models.