Completely Explosive Autonomous High-Voltage Pulsed-power System Based on Shockwave Ferromagnetic Primary Power Source and Spiral Vector Inversion Generator

Sergey I. Shkuratov
Evgueni F. Talantsev
Jason Baird, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Millard F. Rose
Zachary Shotts
Z. Roberts
Allen H. Stults
Larry L. Altgilbers

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Novel explosive and conventional pulsed-power technologies were combined, and a series of explosive-driven high-voltage power supplies was designed, built, and tested. The power supply contained an explosive-driven high-voltage primary power source based on the fundamental physical effect of shockwave demagnetization of Nd2 Fe14B high-energy ferromagnet and a power-conditioning stage. The volume of the energy-carrying ferromagnetic elements in the shockwave ferromagnetic generators (FMGs) was 8.75 cm3. The power-conditioning stage was based on the spiral vector inversion generator (VIG). The combined FMG-VIG system demonstrated successful operation and good performance. The output-voltage pulse amplitude of the combined FMG-VIG system exceeded 40 kV, with a rise time of 6.2 ns. The methodology was developed for digital simulation of the operation of completely explosive FMG-VIG system. Experimental results obtained are in a good agreement with the results of digital calculations performed.