A Platform-Independent Software Suite for Statistical Analysis of High Dimensional Biology Data

David B. Allison
Jacob P. L. Brand
Jode W. Edwards
Gary L. Gadbury, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Kyoungmi Kim
Tapan Mehta
Grier P. Page
Amit Patki
Vinodh Srinivasasainagendra
Prinal Trivedi
Jelai Wang
Stanislav O. Zakharkin

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Many efforts in microarray data analysis are focused on providing tools and methods for the qualitative analysis of microarray data. HDBStat! (High-Dimensional Biology-Statistics) is a software package designed for analysis of high dimensional biology data such as microarray data. It was initially developed for the analysis of microarray gene expression data, but it can also be used for some applications in proteomics and other aspects of genomics. HDBStat! provides statisticians and biologists a flexible and easy-to-use interface to analyze complex microarray data using a variety of methods for data preprocessing, quality control analysis and hypothesis testing.