Annealing-Induced Full Amorphization in a Multicomponent Metallic Film

J. P. Chu
C. T. Liu
T. Mahalingam
S. F. Wang
Matt OKeefe, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Benedict Y. Johnson
C. H. Kuo

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We present direct experimental evidence that controllable amorphization and nanocrystallization during annealing of metastable films could serve as a precursor for exciting nanomaterials. The interesting discovery is that certain sputtered crystalline films become completely amorphous when annealed in the temperature range between the glass temperature and the crystallization temperature. Unlike other metallic glassy materials that exhibit annealing-induced devitrification, our good glass-forming films are transformed into various nanoscale and amorphous structures due to the annealing process. The formation of an amorphous phase gives rise to notable alterations in the electrical and mechanical properties of the film.