Magnetic Ordering in the Rare Earth Intermetallic Compound Tb₂Ti₃Ge₄: Magnetization and Neutron Diffraction Studies

Satish K. Malik
Jagat Lamsal
R. L. de Almeida
S. Quezado
William B. Yelon, Missouri University of Science and Technology
V. O. Garlea
A. V. Morozkin
R. Nirmala

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Magnetization and neutron diffraction studies on a polycrystalline Tb2Ti3Ge4 sample (orthorhombic Sm5Ge4-type structure, space group Pnma, No. 62) have been carried out. This compound is found to order antiferromagnetically at ~18 K (TN). The magnetization (M) versus field (H) isotherms obtained at 2, 3, 5, and 10 K indicate a field-induced antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition in fields of the order of 0.5 T. The saturation magnetization value at 2.5 K (M extrapolated to 1/H-->0) is only ~5.6µB/Tb3+, suggesting the possible presence of crystal field effects with or without a persisting antiferromagnetic component. Neutron powder diffraction data at 10 K confirm the existence of a magnetic long range order. Modeling of the magnetic scattering reveals a complex and incommensurate antiferromagnetic spin structure below TN.