Oxygen and Phosphorus Coordination Around Iron in Crystalline Ferric Ferrous Pyrophosphate and Iron-phosphate Glasses with UO₂ or Na₂O

C. H. Booth
P. G. Allen
J. J. Bucher
N. M. Edelstein
D. K. Shuh
G. K. Marasinghe
Mevlüt Karabulut
C. S. Ray, Missouri University of Science and Technology
D. E. Day, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fe K-edge x-ray absorption fine-structure (XAFS) measurements were performed on glass samples of (Fe3O4)0.3(P2O5)0.7 with various amounts of Na2O or UO2. Near-edge and extended-XAFS regions are studied and comparisons are made to several reference compounds. We find that iron in the base glass is ~25% divalent and that the Fe2+ coordination is predominantly octahedral, while Fe3+ sites are roughly split between tetrahedral and octahedral coordinations. Also, we measure roughly one FeñOñP link per iron. Substitution of Na2O or UO2 up to 15 mo1% primarily affects the first FeñO shell. The results are compared to data from the related material Fe3(P2O7)2.