Evaluation of YBa2Cu3O7-x Bulk Superconductors for High Field Magnet Applications

Michael Strasik
Fatih Dogan, Missouri University of Science and Technology
J. Liu
Mehmet Sarikaya
K. Y. Blohowiak
D. F. Garrigus
T. S. Luhman
Kevin E. McCrary
I. A. Aksay
W. B. Hicks

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Processing of YBCO single crystals was carried out by solidification of semi-liquid YBCO composition using a seeding technique. Microstructural characterization of the pinning centers was investigated by transmission electron microscopy. Characterization of single crystals was carried out, relating grain size and shape to the corresponding flux profiles. Current densities were calculated based on measured trapped fields. Once circulating currents were established, flux pumping and quenching experiments were conducted. These large single crystals will be incorporated into electromagnetic forming devices for use in the military and commercial aircraft manufacturing and service industries.