Integrating Power Engineering Topics and Applications in Non-Power Courses

S. Legowski
Badrul H. Chowdhury, Missouri University of Science and Technology
J. J. Cupal
R. G. Jacquot
B. J. W. Pierre
A. H. M. S. Ula
B. M. Wilamowski

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This paper investigates integrating power engineering material over the breadth of an electrical engineering curriculum. Electrical engineering curricula have a large number of required courses and many subareas for students to study. By introducing power concepts in a variety of courses, students may be motivated to take additional courses in the power area and are better prepared for the diverse background which will be required of them as practising power engineers. The important interrelationships between subareas of electrical engineering are better understood by students when cross discipline applications are discussed. This paper describes the introduction of power concepts and applications in courses such as linear systems, digital systems, microprocessors, digital signal processing, electronic system design and electrical materials.