Electrical and Magnetotransport Properties of Canted Antiferromagnet Dy₅Si₂Ge₂

R. Nirmala
V. Sankaranarayanan
K. Sethupathi
Zili Chu
William B. Yelon, Missouri University of Science and Technology
V. Prasad
A. V. Morozkin
Satish K. Malik
S. V. Subramanyam

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Summary form only given. Since the giant magnetocaloric effect is encountered in a ferromagnetic Gd5Si2Ge2 alloy near room temperature it is considered as a suitable material for magnetic refrigerator applications. Also a commensurate structural transition occurs at the magnetic transition temperature and there is a good correlation between the crystal structure and magnetic properties. Such observations have triggered numerous experimental studies on similar rare earth alloys and compounds. We have synthesized its Dy- analogue, namely, Dy5Si2Ge2 and have characterized it by means of room temperature X-ray diffraction, ac magnetic susceptibility (15 K - 300 K), electrical resistivity (at zero field and at 6 T), thermoelectric power (15 K - 300 K) and neutron diffraction (at 300 K and 9.2 K) experiments.