A Method for Evaluating the Dielectric Properties of Composites using a Combined Embedded Modulated Scattering and Near-Field Microwave Nondestructive Testing Technique

R. Zoughi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Dana Hughes

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Investigation into the derivation of the dielectric property of a material with an embedded modulated PIN diode-loaded dipole is described, using an open-ended rectangular waveguide as the irradiating source. Previous measurements of the curing of a mortar specimen show the sensitivity of this combined technique and its potential for inspecting composite structures. Modification of previous algorithms for back calculating the dielectric properties of a material with a conductor backing is considered. The modification would involve replacing the reflection at the conductor with the reflection at a modulated dipole antenna. For this, comparisons between the reflection coefficients of the dipole antenna and an infinite conducting plate are made. These results are analyzed, and the necessary considerations are discussed.