Finite Element Modeling of Patch Antenna and Cavity Sources

Yun Ji
Todd H. Hubing, Missouri University of Science and Technology
James L. Drewniak, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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This paper examines two different approaches that can be used to model patch antennas and cavities fed by a coaxial cable. The probe model represents the feed as a current filament along the center conductor of the coaxial cable. The coaxial cable model enforces the analytical field distribution at the cable opening. These two models have been implemented in a hybrid FEM/MoM code. A power bus structure and a cavity geometry with coaxial cable feeds are investigated. Numerical results obtained for these two examples are compared with measurements. It is shown that the probe model should only be applied to electrically short feeding structures, while the coaxial cable model can be applied to both electrically short and electrically long feeding structures