Automated Oxidase-Coupled Amperometric Microsensor with Integrated Electrochemical Actuation System for Continuous Sensing of Saccharoids

Yadunandana Yellambalase
Jongwon Park
Chang-Soo Kim, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Minsu Choi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Nohpill Park
Fabrizio Lombardi

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Recent developments for biosensors have been mainly focused on miniaturization and exploratory use of new materials. It should be emphasized that the absence of a novel "in-situ self-calibration/diagnosis technique" that is not connected to an external apparatus is a key obstacle to the realization of a biosensor for continuous use with minimum attendance. To address this deficiency, a novel needle-type biosensor system with fully automated operations is being developed, in which a novel oxidase-coupled amperometric sensor with oxygen depleting/generating actuator is interfaced with an electrochemical instrument and a perfusion system. Labview virtual instrument has been also developed to oversee the automatic control of the prototype sensor. Using the proposed system, a large amount of data can be rapidly collected for more effective sensor characterization and more advanced sensor designs. Autonomous and continuous sensing and self-calibration with minimal human intervention is also envisioned.