Distributed Control of Hybrid Motor Drives

Keith Corzine, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Shuai Lu
T. H. Fikse

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The hybrid inverter fed motor drive with two cascaded multilevel inverters is an attractive option for high performance high power applications such as naval ship propulsion systems due to a number of unique features. There is a natural split between a higher-voltage lower-frequency "bulk" inverter and a lower-voltage higher-frequency "conditioning" inverter in the cascaded system which matches the availability of semiconductor devices. Furthermore, the bulk inverter may be a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) motor drive meaning that only the conditioning inverter needs to be custom made. However, a drive involving a COTS bulk inverter would require a distributed conditioning inverter control which works completely independent of the bulk inverter control. In this paper, a set of distributed control methods are developed for the hybrid inverter drive with cascaded bulk and conditioning inverters, requiring only single dc source. Moreover, a solution to the practical problem of instant synchronization between the two inverters is presented. Laboratory measurements on a 3.7-kW induction motor drive validate the proposed control. Various practical considerations (such as low m-index performance and capacitor precharging options) are discussed and their solutions provided.