Adaptive Multi-Vehicle Area Coverage Optimization System and Method

Ryan J. Meuth
John Lyle Vian
Emad W. Saad
Donald C. Wunsch, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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A system and method for dividing a predefined search region into a map of a plurality of subregions to be searched by a plurality of mobile platforms, taking into account the capabilities of the mobile platforms and varying environmental conditions within the subregions, while minimizing the time needed to search each of the subregions. The system and method updates the map of the subregions as needed, in real time, to account for changing environmental conditions and changes in the capabilities of the mobile platforms being used. The subregions may also be determined using a desired level of probability for detecting targets within the subregions in a desired number of passes through the subregion. The system optimizes coverage time while insuring a desired probability of coverage (i.e., observability) for heterogeneous mobile platforms.