Neural Network Demodulation for an Optical Sensor

Rohit Dua, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Steve Eugene Watkins, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Donald C. Wunsch, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Methods and systems of neural network demodulation for an optical sensor. An optical sensor may be coupled to a structure and be capable of reflecting a reflected optical signal. A wavelength of the reflected optical signal may be spread based on a strain being applied to the structure. A replication device may receive the reflected optical signal from the optical sensor and produce a plurality of optical signals. A filter may be coupled to the replication device to receive an optical signal from the plurality of optical signals and filter the received optical signal. A detector may receive the filtered optical signal and provide a voltage output proportional to an amount of the filtered optical signal received. A neural network may receive the voltage output and determine the strain on the structure.