No-Boundary Thinking in Bioinformatics Research

Xiuzhen Huang
Barry Bruce
Alison Buchan
Clare Bates Congdon
Carole L. Cramer
Steven F. Jennings
Hongmei Jiang
Zenglu Li
Gail McClure
Rick McMullen
Jason H. Moore
Bindu Nanduri
Joan Peckham
Andy Perkins
Shawn W. Polson
Bhanu Rekepalli
Saeed Salem
Jennifer Specker
Donald C. Wunsch, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Donghai Xiong
Shuzhong Zhang
Zhongming Zhao

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Currently there are definitions from many agencies and research societies defining "bioinformatics" as deriving knowledge from computational analysis of large volumes of biological and biomedical data. Should this be the bioinformatics research focus? We will discuss this issue in this review article. We would like to promote the idea of supporting human-infrastructure (HI) with no-boundary thinking (NT) in bioinformatics (HINT).