New Directions in Subband Coding

Y. Shoham
Steven L. Grant, Missouri University of Science and Technology
N. Seshadri
R. V. Cox
S. R. Quackenbush
N. S. Jayant

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Two very different subband coders are described. The first is a modified dynamic bit-allocation-subband coder (D-SBC) designed for variable rate coding situations and easily adaptable to noisy channel environments. It can operate at rates as low as 12 kb/s and still give good quality speech. The second coder is a 16-kb/s waveform coder, based on a combination of subband coding and vector quantization (VQ-SBC). The key feature of this coder is its short coding delay, which makes it suitable for real-time communication networks. The speech quality of both coders has been enhanced by adaptive postfiltering. The coders have been implemented on a single AT&T DSP32 signal processor