Formation Cadmium and Densification of Manganese Ferrite

B. W. Jong
P. D. Ownby, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Formation of Ni-ferrite, Mn-ferrite, NiZn-ferrite, Zn-ferrite and Mg-ferrite have been investigated using X-ray diffraction analysis. Jander's diffusion equation described the data from these investigations over a portion of the temperature ranges studied. However, the reaction mechanisms and sequences involved in the formation of mixed ferrites have not been well defined in the literature. The purposes of this investigation were: ( 1) To further the understanding of the formation of CdMnferrite by studying first the kinetics of the formation of Cd-ferrite and Cd-manganite, which provides a basis for understanding the details of the mixed CdMn-ferrite reaction and to obtain the optimum temperature-time cycle for calcination and sintering, along with the reaction sequence and densification behavior for polycrystalline CdMn-ferrite. (2) To determine the magnetic properties of CdMn-ferrite as a function of composition, bulk density and grain size.