An Interval Type-II Robust Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Static Compensator in a Multimachine Power System

Salman Mohagheghi
Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Ronald G. Harley

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This paper presents a novel fuzzy logic based controller for a Static Compensator (STATCOM) connected to a power system. Type-II fuzzy systems are selected that enable the controller to deal with design uncertainties and the noise associated with the measurements in the power system. Interval type-II fuzzy is computationally more effective than the ordinary type-II fuzzy systems and is more suitable for the power network with fast changing dynamics. Using a proportional-integrator approach the proposed controller is capable of dealing with actual rather than deviation signals. The STATCOM is connected to a multimachine power system in order to provide extra voltage support and improve the system dynamic performance. Simulation results are provided to show that the proposed controller outperforms a conventional PI controller during large scale faults as well as small disturbances. The type-II fuzzy membership functions provide a robust performance for the controller and eliminate the need for a model based adaptive control scheme.