Dielectric Material Characterization by Complex Ratio of Embedded Modulated Scatterer Technique States

Gabriel S. Freiburger
R. Zoughi, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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The embedded modulated seatterer technique (MST) is an innovative tool which can be used for microwave dielectric characterization of infrastructure and composite structures. By impinging a microwave signal on a loaded thin dipole antenna embedded in a material whose dielectric properties are sought, the resulting refelction data can be used to inversely solve for the dielectric properties of interest. Previous investigations utilized reflection information from a single loaded dipole and required known system parameters, such as radiator polarization vs. dipole alignment and relative distance between radiator and probe, to solve for the sought-for dielectric properties. This paper explores a unique application of embedded MST in which the ratio of the reflection coefficients for two independent states of a PIN diode-loaded dipole probe is utilized to significantly simplify the method for calculating dielectric properties.