EAF Voltage Flicker Mitigation by FACTS/ESS

Li Zhang
Yilu Liu
Michael R. Ingram
Dale T. Bradshaw
Steve Eckroad
Mariesa Crow, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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One of the problems caused by an electrical arc furnace (EAF) is voltage fluctuation from the variations of the active and reactive furnace load, which are known as voltage flickers. In this paper, voltage flicker mitigation results by different FACTS and energy storage systems (ESS) were presented. The system X/R ratio looking from the point of common coupling, which has a special impact on the effectiveness of active compensation, was discussed. The study has clarified the misunderstanding of how the system X/R ratio should be calculated. The study showed that FACTS with ESS could play a better role than reactive power alone in mitigating EAF voltage flickers.