Open-Ended Rectangular Waveguide for Nondestructive Thickness Measurement and Variation Detection of Lossy Dielectric Slabs Backed by a Conducting Plate

R. Zoughi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Sasan Bakhtiari
Stoyan I. Ganchev

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Solutions for fields inside a slab of a generally lossy dielectric medium backed by a conducting plate, placed outside a waveguide-fed rectangular aperture, are used for the microwave nondestructive thickness measurement of such dielectric slabs. Upon construction of the waveguide terminating admittance expression from its variational form, an inverse problem is solved to extract the slab thickness form the conductance and susceptance in a recursive manner. A comparison between the experimental and theoretical results showed that the significance of higher order modes is minimal; hence, the dominant mode assumption is, in general, valid for describing the aperture field distribution. The validity of this assumption has led to the construction of a simple integral solution which is fast converging for generally lossy dielectric slabs, and may easily be implemented for real-time applications. Good agreement was obtained between the theoretical and experimental results. Multiple thicknesses of two different dielectric samples were estimated in this way.