Comparison of Ultracapacitor Electric Circuit Models

Lisheng Shi
Mariesa Crow, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Due to ultracapacitors' unique features, the electrical performances and reliabilities of electrical systems using ultracapacitors can be improved. It is important to have a good ultracapacitor model for simulation and assisting electrical system design and product development. Several kinds of ultracapacitor models are given these years. Especially, electric circuit models are the interested ones for electrical engineers. This paper concentrates on the electric circuit model. Three basic RC network models are discussed in detail, including modeling ideas, circuit formation, linear/nonlinear factors and evaluations of each model. The general electric circuit model considering the inductance and leakage current effects are given. Model selection depends on the specific applications of ultracapacitor. Based on the analysis in this paper, recommendations of ultracapacitor selection strategies are provided.