A Tool for Architecting Socio-Technical Problems: SoS Explorer


Socio-Technical systems entail complex logic with many levels of reasoning. These systems are organized by web of connections which gives rise of system of systems (SoS) and can demonstrate self-driven capability. Non-linear relationship among the participating systems results emergent behavior which is not deterministic. Therefore, architecting a SoS with complex, dynamic and evolving systems is not trivial. The challenge is to create organized complexity that will allow individual system to achieve its goals that are dynamically changing. To address the challenge, SoS Explorer, a SoS architecting tool can be used to define, formulate, and solve numerous socio-technical problems. SoS explorer integrates fuzzy inference system with genetic algorithm guiding the optimization process in generating meta-architecture which provides the best possible value for overall objective of SoS. This paper presents the capability of SoS explorer to generate, assess and select a SoS meta architecture for Intelligent Transportation System as the application domain.

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5th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering, ISSE 2019 (2019: Oct. 1-3, Edinburgh, UK)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Fuzzy Inference System; Genetic Algorithm; Intelligent Transportation System; Meta-architecture; SoS Explorer

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Oct 2019