Energy Management of Multiple-Microgrids based on a System of Systems Architecture


The rapid development of microgrid (MG) has made it ready to connect multiple MGs for providing regional power supply. The energy management of a multi-microgrid (MMG) system is the key to the reliable, economic operation of the interconnected power system. The MMG system is rich in distributed generation sources. The intermittence and volatility of renewable energy sources (RESs) such as wind and solar cannot be ignored in a large-scale hybrid power system. Therefore, the energy management of a MMG system is a complex problem that coordinates distributed generation units within individual MGs, the power exchange among MGs, and the power trading between the grid and MGs. System of systems (SoS) has been identified as an effective way of forming a MMG system and coordinating the participating MGs for energy management. This paper proposes a hierarchical decentralized SoS architecture for the energy management of a MMG system and, accordingly, formulates it as a bi-level optimization problem. Energy management at the level of individual MGs is modeled as a multiple-stage robust optimization to handle the issue of RES uncertainty. Energy management at the level of MMG system further addresses the problem of spatially unbalanced demand and generation in the area. The proposed MMG energy management is further verified through a case study.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Intelligent Systems Center


National Science Foundation of China


This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51207140).

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Energy Management; Multi-Level Optimization; Multi-Microgird System; Robust Optimization; System Of Systems; Uncertainty

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01 Nov 2018