Self-organizing Fuzzy Logic Control of Two Dimensional End Milling


A system for control of two dimensional end milling operations is presented in this paper. In order to achieve high quality products and high production rates in 2-D end milling, it is important to minimize the tracking error and contouring error, and regulate the cutting force while maximizing the feedrate. Given the complexity of the cutting operations, it is difficult to determine what rules are needed to satisfactory accomplished the above. The Self-Organizing Fuzzy logic Controller is capable of accomplishing force regulation because it does not require prior knowledge of the system and is able to generate and modify the control rules. A hybrid controller is also presented in this paper, which is composed of an ordinary Fuzzy Logic Controller and a Self-Organizing Fuzzy Logic Controller. This new controller, called a Self- Paced Fuzzy Controller, will be used to minimize the contouring error. The benefit of this hybrid system is that initial rules can be provided to the system that can be updated as the controller learns about the system's performance. The control system is simulated and the results are presented.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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2-D End Milling; Cutting Force; End Milling Operations; Feedrate

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Article - Conference proceedings

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