Multilevel inverters have been proven to be viable solutions for high-power automotive motor drive applications due to their high volt-ampere ratings. Cascaded H-bridge inverters are a promising breed of multilevel inverters which generally require several independent dc sources. Replacement of all but one of the dc sources with capacitors in cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverters, which leads to single-dc-source per-phase cascaded inverters, has recently gained popularity. However, very few efforts have been made to address the challenging problem of voltage regulation in the replacing capacitors. In this paper, applicability of a real-time voltage control technique named unbalanced voltage level sigma-delta modulation technique to provide voltage regulation across the replacing capacitors is examined. In addition, a new voltage ratio for the H-bridge cells is introduced, which simplifies the control tasks. Analytical and simulation results prove the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.

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IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (2008: Sep. 3-5, Harbin, China)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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H-Bridge Multi-Level Inverter; Delta-Sigma Modulation; Invertors; Power Capacitors; Voltage Control; Voltage Regulation; Bridge Circuits; Spectrum Analysis; Delta-Sigma Modulator; Capacitance; Capacitors; Delta Modulation; Dielectric Devices; Electric Current Regulators; Electric Drives; Electric Equipment; Electric Inverters; Electric Potential; Interferometry; Modulation; Paper Capacitors; Power Spectrum; Propulsion; Spectrum Analyzers; Vehicles; Voltage Regulators; Voltage Stabilizing Circuits; Cascaded H Bridges; Cascaded Inverters; Challenging Problems; Control Tasks; Control Techniques; DC Sources; High Powers; Motor Drive Applications; Multilevel Inverters; Sigma Deltas; Sigma-Delta Modulations; Simulation Results; Unbalanced Voltages; Viable Solutions; Voltage Ratios; Modulators

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01 Sep 2008