Electromagnetic Modelling of 3D Periodic Structure Containing Magnetized Or Polarized Ellipsoids


Coupling matrix and coupling coefficient concepts are applied to the interaction of an incident plane wave with a regular array of small magnetized or polarized ellipsoids, placed in a homogeneous surrounding medium. In general case, the angle of incidence and polarization of the plane wave upon an array of ellipsoids can be arbitrary. In this model, it is assumed that all the ellipsoids are the same, and the direction of their magnetization is also the same. The direction of magnetization is arbitrary with respect to the direction of the propagation of the incident wave and to the boundary plane between the first medium, where the incident wave comes from, and the array material under study. Any magnetized or polarized ellipsoid is represented as a system of three orthogonal elementary magnetic radiators (EMR) and/or three orthogonal elementary electric radiators (EER). Mutual interactions of individual radiators in the array through the incident plane wave and corresponding scattered electromagnetic fields are taken into account. The electrodynamic characteristics — reflection from the surface of the semi-infinite array (in particular, containing uniaxial hexagonal ferrite resonators), transmission through the array, and absorption are analyzed.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Floquet Harmonics; Absorption; Coupling Coefficient; Coupling Matrix; Elementary Magnetic and Electric Radiators; Ellipsoidal Scatterers; Hexagonal Ferrite Resonators; Reflection; Semi-Infinite 3D Array; Transmission

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01 Sep 2006