In this paper, a number of physical phenomena taking place at the interaction of a crystallographically uniaxial ferrite resonator (UFR) with a semiconductor element, such as a Hall-effect transducer (HET), are analyzed. The UFR in this study is in a direct contact with an unpackaged HET. The interaction is studied in the vicinity of the ferromagnetic resonance in the UFR. The analytical model based on the combination of the problem of interaction of an arbitrarily orientated and shaped UFR with electromagnetic field of a multimode transmission line (waveguide) and thermal balance equations is proposed. A number of thermo/electro/magnetic phenomena that cause a voltage additional to that of the Hall-effect in the HET are analyzed. It is shown that this additional voltage is mainly due to Nernst-Ettingshausen thermo-magnetic effect. Some experimental results in 8-mm waveband are presented. This structure may serve as a frequency-selective primary transducer for detection and measurement of microwave (or millimeter-wave) power.


Electrical and Computer Engineering


The results presented in this work were mainly obtained in the Ferrite Laboratory of MoscowPower Engineering Institute (Technical University), where the first author worked before joining the University of Missouri-Rolla.

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01 Jan 2007