Non-Linear System Control using Path Generating Neural Networks


An increasing amount of literature is available on the control of non-linear systems. For many of these systems, linear design techniques are ineffective. However, a non-linear augmentation of the linear control is sometimes able to perform the control. Determining the augmenting signal is a formidable task. However, recent work in the area of path planning has given rise to some useful tools. These tools can be used to design a complete controller. The final design takes advantage of the mapping abilities of neural networks to perform path planning. A path planning algorithm, taken from previously published work, was used to generate training data for the neural network. The results of simulation tests show that the controller composed of a linear gain and a path planning neural network was capable of controlling the non-linear system. The results are for a small class of non-trivial trajectories. Further work is planned to generalize the results.

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Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering Conference, ANNIE '98 (1998: Nov. 1-4, St. Louis, MO)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Algorithms; Computer simulation; Light trailers; Motion planning; Neural networks; Backward maneuvering; Trailer truck; Nonlinear control systems

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Nov 1998

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