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Electronic Device Detection Systems and Method


A super regenerative receiver detection system and method that includes a computing system that stores and executes a cross modulation correlation component to modulate a radio-frequency (RF) stimulation signal that is transmitted in an area using a modulating signal having a first modulating mode, and receive a response UEE signal from the area in which the response UEE signal includes a cross modulated signal emitted from a super regenerative receiver (SRR). The cross modulated signal having a second modulation mode that is different from the first modulation mode. Using this information, the cross modulation correlation component processes the received UEE signal to determine a cross modulation correlation level of a cross modulation signal relative to the modulating signal, and generates an alert signal when the determined cross modulation correlation level exceeds a specified threshold.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Intelligent Systems Center

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US 9,689,964 B2

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