Hybrid Consensus-Based Formation Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots


In this chapter, a hybrid consensus-based formation controller is designed for mobile robots. First, omnidirectional (holonomic) robots are considered in the controller development to create a hybrid automaton, which drives the robots to their goal positions while maintaining a specified formation. The controller consists of two discrete modes, each with continuous dynamics: a regulation mode and a formation keeping mode. The controller in the regulation mode is designed to drive the robot to a goal position, while the formation keeping controller ensures that the robots achieve a specified geometric formation prior to reaching their goal-position. The proposed approach is subsequently extended to include formation control of nonholonomic mobile robots. Lyapunov methods are used to demonstrate that the formation errors converge to a small bounded region around the origin; moreover, the size of the bound can be adjusted by using the switching conditions. Convergence to goal position while in formation is also demonstrated in the same Lyapunov analysis, and simulation results verify the theoretical conjectures.


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