A Multiband Dual-Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna for 2G/3G/LTE Applications


A multiband dual-polarized omnidirectional antenna for 2G/3G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile communications is proposed in this letter, which consists of horizontal polarization (HP) and vertical polarization (VP) element with separate feeds. The VP element consists of three polygonal radiation patches with three equally spaced legs shorted to the ground plane. The HP element consists of three wideband slot loop structures, which is nested on the top of the VP element. Three slot loop structures provide a 360° coverage for HP and enhance its bandwidth. Both the simulated and measured results indicate that the frequency bands of 1650-2900 MHz for HP and 780-2700 MHz for VP can be achieved. The reflection of VP improves the gain of the HP element at least 1 dBi after nesting. The gain of HP element is more than 3 dBi for LTE, and the gain of VP element is more than 5 dBi in the LTE band and 1.5 dBi in the 2G band. Port isolation larger than 30 dB and low-gain variation levels are also obtained. The proposed antenna can be applied in mobile communications.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Antenna grounds; Bismuth compounds; Frequency bands; Long Term Evolution (LTE); Mobile telecommunication systems; Monopole antennas; Polarization; Dual-polarized; Folding; Gain variations; Horizontal polarization; Loop structure; Measured results; Mobile communications; Vertical polarization; Omnidirectional antennas; Dual-polarized omnidirectional antenna; Slot loop structure

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01 Feb 2018