High-Frequency Electrical Characterization of a New Coaxial Silicone Rubber Socket for High-Bandwidth and High-Density Package Test


This paper, for the first time, proposes and verifies a new coaxial silicone rubber socket for high-bandwidth and high-density package test using a fabricated sample. In addition, this paper also characterizes and verifies the coaxial silicone rubber socket. Because of the proposed coaxial socket's novel coaxial structure, the proposed socket successfully achieves the electrical performance improvement. For verification, we compare the proposed socket and the previous noncoaxial socket in time domain. The proposed socket has greater eye height and eye width in the measured eye diagram than those of the noncoaxial socket. Moreover, the slope in the eye diagram is also improved in the case of the proposed socket. Therefore, the measured eye diagram for the coaxial socket shows the improvement in electrical performances. This paper also characterizes the equivalent RLGC model for the coaxial silicone rubber socket. In order to verify the RLGC model, we compare the insertion losses and eye diagrams from measurement, 3-D electromagnetic simulation, and the proposed RLGC model, respectively. Their insertion losses are comparable up to 20 GHz. Furthermore, the obtained eye diagrams are almost identical at the data rate of 9.6 Gb/s. In conclusion, this paper successfully proposes, verifies, and characterizes a new coaxial silicone rubber socket for the first time.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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Coaxial silicone rubber socket; elastomer-type socket; high-frequency electrical characterization; high-speed channel; package test; test socket

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01 Dec 2018