An Approach to a Network Centric Product Development System


Current product development architectures range from vertically stove-piped organizational structure to dispersed organizational entities working in a collaborative manner. Various product development methodologies have been developed to speed the communication between product team members including co-location of the development team, email, scheduled telecom and video-com meetings, Internet Web casting to keep all team members in contact with one another. No company has implemented a network centric product development system that links all users in the product development process together in a single system where real time communication or shared databases are used or exist. This would require a company to change it business model as a network centric product development system requires closer cooperation between and within itself, subcontractors and suppliers. As an example, both Wal-Mart and Deutsche Morgan Grenfell have incorporated network centric systems into their business model with great success. Can the product development process be used on a network centric system? A Network Centric Product Development System requires a system configured and optimized to speed team communication and share product databases regardless of team member location or organizational affiliation.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Network Centric Systems; System Configuration; Netcentric computing

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01 Jan 2007

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