An Adaptive Beamforming by a Generalized Unstructured Neural Network


In this paper, an adaptive array beamforming by an unstructured neural network based on the mathematics of holographic storage is presented. This work is inspired by similarities between brain waves and the wave propagation and subsequent interference patterns seen in holograms. Then the mathematics to produce a general mathematical description of the holographic process is analyzed. From this analysis it is shown that how the holographic process can be used as an associative memory network. Additionally, the process may also be used a regular feed-forward network. The most striking aspect of these network is that, using the holographic process, the apriori knowledge of the system may be better utilized to tailor the neural network for an adaptive beamforming problem. This aspect, makes this neural network formation process particularly useful for the beamforming.

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13th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP 2006 (2006: Oct. 3-6, Hong Kong, China)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Green's Functions; Adaptive Beamforming; Feed-Forward Neural Network; Holographic Processing; Radial Basis Functions; Wave Propagation; Neural networks (Computer science)

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Oct 2006