Improving Performance of a DC-DC Cascaded Converter System Using an Extra Feedback Loop


This paper introduces the extra feedback method as a technique to improve the performance of a cascaded converter system and stabilize its operation. In this paper, first, the block diagram representation of the small-signal model of a single converter is presented. The open-loop and closed-loop transfer functions of this converter are provided in this stage as well. Next, the presented model is expanded to the block diagram model of a cascaded converter system comprised of two dc-dc converters. Then, the extra feedback method which is the main contribution of the paper is introduced. Some design guidelines for applying this method to an experimental cascaded converter system are provided in this part as well. Finally, some experimental results are provided to verify the theoretical outcomes.

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5th Annual IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (2013: Sep. 15-19, Denver, CO)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Block Diagrams; Block-Diagram Model; Cascaded Converters; Closed Loop Transfer Function; Feed-Back Loop; Improving Performance; Open-Loop; Small Signal Model; Energy Conversion; DC-DC Converters; Feedback Loop; Transfer Functions; Stability Analysis; Power System Stability; Voltage Control; Impedance; Circuit Stability; Feedback; DC-DC Power Convertors

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978-1479903351; 978-1479903368

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01 Sep 2013