Fault Recovery Strategy for Hybrid Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level Inverters


In the configuration of the multilevel inverter which is used in this study, two cascaded H-bridge cells are connected in series with each phase of a three-phase three-level neutralpoint clamped (NPC) inverter. The NPC inverter is fed by a single DC source; whereas, all of the cascaded H-bridge cells are supplied by capacitors. In this paper, in order to regulate the voltage across the H-bridge capacitors, a small fundamental harmonic is added to or subtracted from the original PWM reference of each H-bridge cell. In addition, the operation of the inverter during a fault in the cascaded H-bridge cells is studied and a method for recovery from fault and compensation of fault using the remaining H-bridge in the corresponding phase is proposed. This method allows acceptable operation of the inverter even when one of H-bridge cells is not functioning. Verification of the method using simulation shows the proper operation of the voltage capacitor regulation and strategy of fault recovery.

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26th Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (2011: Mar. 6-11, Fort Worth, TX)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Cascaded H-Bridge; Fault Recovery; Fundamental Harmonic; H-Bridge Cells; H-Bridges; Multilevel Inverter; Neutral Point Clamped; NPC Inverters; Single DC Source; Three-Level; Voltage Capacitors; DC Power Transmission; Electric Inverters; Paper Capacitors; Power Electronics; Recovery; Inverters; Capacitors; Voltage Control; Circuit Faults; Harmonic Analysis; Pulse Width Modulation; Switches; Invertors; Network Topology

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01 Mar 2011