Constant Input Power Control of a Three Phase Isolated Buck+Boost Rectifier


A novel control method is proposed for single-stage three-phase isolated buck+boost rectifier. The control method is based on the conventional cascade two-loop control structure and is modified to achieve constant instantaneous input power. Input voltages, output voltage, and DC-link inductor current are measured to control the power switches to achieve output voltage regulation as well as input power factor correction. In the proposed method, input currents are controlled such that input power is constant even for unbalanced mains. Thus for balanced mains converter behaves like an ideal rectifier, and for unbalanced mains, low-frequency harmonics of the output voltage are suppressed. The performance of the proposed control structure is verified by numerical simulation of a 6 kW, 380V/48Vdc designed prototype.

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32nd Annual International Telecommunications Energy Conference (2010: Jun. 6-10, Orlando, FL)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Boost Rectifier; Control Methods; Control Structure; DC-Link; Inductor Currents; Input Current; Input Power; Input Power Factor; Input Voltages; Low Frequency; Numerical Simulation; Output Voltage Regulation; Output Voltages; Power Switches; Single Stage; Three Phase; Two-Loop Controls; DC Power Transmission; Electric Power Factor; Telecommunication; Voltage Regulators; Electric Rectifiers

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978-1424433841; 978-1424433834

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jun 2010