A DC-DC Converter with High Voltage Gain and Two Input Boost Stages


A family of nonisolated high-voltage-gain dc-dc power electronic converters is proposed. The suggested topologies can be used as multiport converters and draw continuous current from two input sources. They can also draw continuous current from a single source in an interleaved manner. This versatility makes them appealing in renewable applications such as solar farms. The proposed converters can easily achieve a gain of 20 while benefiting from a continuous input current. Such a converter can individually link a PV panel to a 400-V dc bus. The design and component selection procedures are presented. A 400-W prototype of the proposed converter with Vin = 20 and Vout = 400 V has been developed to validate the analytical results.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Intelligent Systems Center

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DC-DC Converters; Electric Inverters; Gain Measurement; Photovoltaic Cells; Power Converters; Power Electronics; Analytical Results; Capacitor Voltages; Component Selection; Continuous Input; DC-DC Power; High Voltage Gain; Input Sources; Single Source, HVDC Power Transmission; Diode-Capacitor Voltage Multiplier Stages; Highvoltage-Gain DC-DC Power Electronic Converters

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0885-8993; 1941-0107

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01 Jun 2016