Public Data Dissemination Via Broadcasting


Many modern mobile applications appeal to users because they grant access to a wealth of information anytime, anywhere. However, a number of obstacles stand between users and the data they seek. Firstly, mobile devices have limited access to energy sources. Devices should be able to access information without sacrificing hours of battery life. Secondly, users expect timely access to data. While respecting the energy limitations of devices, data must be quickly accessible. Data broadcasting has been proposed as a quick and efficient solution for providing users with the data they desire. Broadcasting disseminates data from a server in a way that is analogous to AM/FM radio or television broadcasts. Devices tune in to wireless channels to fetch data items from a broadcast. Several technical challenges must be addressed to ensure efficient and timely data access for clients. These include organizing, indexing, and accessing the broadcast data items. Despite these issues, broadcasting is a scalable and efficient method for disseminating data to mobile clients. In this paper, we describe related techniques and compare and contrast them with respect to response time and energy efficiency.


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Data Broadcasting; Green Computing; Mobile Computing; Public Data; Scalable Data Dissemination

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01 Jul 2015