Model-Based Determination of Closed-Loop Input Impedance for Dual Active Bridge Converters


This study proposes a method of determining the input impedance of a phase shift modulated dual active bridge (DAB) converter in closed-loop operation. Input impedance is an important characterization of converter behavior, particularly in regards to interactions with external sources or systems. When converter models are available, model-based determinations of input impedance are possible through the application of the Extra Element Theorem (EET). However, DAB converters are not easily modeled using standard techniques due to their high-frequency ac stage. Instead, DAB models are derived using generalized average modeling (GAM). The GAM approach allows ac power stages to be modeled accurately but creates difficulties for model-based calculations of closed-loop impedances. This study simplifies determinations of closed-loop input impedance for DAB converters by deriving standalone expressions for the driving point impedances needed to apply the EET. These expressions allow the closed-loop input impedance to be calculated for any linear controller without the derivation of a corresponding closed-loop model. The values of input impedance calculated from these expressions are validated through comparison to experimental results from hardware tests.

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32nd Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (2017: Mar. 26-30, Tampa. FL)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Intelligent Systems Center

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Electric Impedance Measurement; Linear Control Systems; Power Converters; Power Electronics; Closed-Loop Operation; Driving Point Impedances; Dual Active Bridge Converter; Dual Active Bridges; Extra Element Theorem; Generalized Average Models; Linear Controllers; Phase Shift Modulation; Electric Impedance; Generalized Average Modeling; Impedance Criteria; Impedance; Mathematical Model; Transfer Functions; Integrated Circuit Modeling; Harmonic Analysis; Topology; Analytical Models

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01 Mar 2017