Frequency Regulation of a Microgrid using Solar Power


This paper describes a system which is capable of frequency and voltage regulation during load changes on an islanded microgrid. The scaled microgrid model used in this paper consists of a synchronous generator, a solar panel with a single phase inverter, and a varying resistive load. The PV panel is connected to a boost converter which tracks a fraction of the solar panel's maximum power point. This allows for some reserve power, which is used to maintain a constant grid frequency during an increase in load. During an increase in load, the boost converter tracks closer to the PV panel's maximum power point, to output more power. This increase in power output helps to keep the frequency of the microgrid at the desired value. An experimental system has been built and tested using a DC motor connected to a synchronous generator to supply power to the scaled microgrid. A PV panel was used to maintain the frequency on the scaled microgrid as described above.

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26th Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (2011: Mar. 6-11, Fort Worth, TX)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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BOOST Converter; Experimental System; Frequency Regulations; Grid Frequency; Load Change; Maximum Power Point; Micro Grid; Power Out Put; PV Panel; Resistive Loads; Single-Phase Inverters; Solar Panels; Solar Power; Voltage Regulations; DC Motors; DC-DC Converters; Photovoltaic Cells; Photovoltaic Effects; Power Electronics; Solar Concentrators; Solar Energy; Synchronous Generators; Synchronous Motors; Voltage Regulators; DC Power Transmission

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01 Mar 2011