Single and Interleaved Split-Pi DC-DC Converter


This paper presents analysis, design, and implementation of the high-frequency split-pi converter. Split-Pi converter has distinctive features like the symmetry of the input and the output components. Also, the continuity of the input and output currents makes this converter more desirable in applications like electric vehicles and power management. Split-pi converter is a bi-directional voltage-fed input voltage-fed output converter. As most of the renewable sources are naturally voltage sources, this converter is very suitable for interfacing such sources. With interleaved split-pi converter can have smooth input current and output currents. The converter is simulated, and details of voltage and current stresses of the components are illustrated. A 100 W hardware prototype is designed and implemented experimentally to verify the analysis and the design. The switches were implemented using GaN-based switches to allow operating at high frequency.

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6th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (2017: Nov. 5-8, San Diego, CA)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Intelligent Systems Center

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Electric Inverters; Energy Management; III-V Semiconductors; Power Management; Boost; Buck; Buck-Boost; DCDC; Hardware Prototype; High Frequency HF; Input And Outputs; Renewable Sources; DC-DC Converters; Interleaved Split-Pi; PV; WBG; Inductors; Switches; Capacitors; MOSFET; Equivalent Circuits; Buck Converters; Stress; DC-DC Power Convertors; Gallium Compounds; Wide Band Gap Semiconductors; Dcdc

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978-1538620953; 978-1538620960

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01 Nov 2017