Near Field Shielding Performances of Absorbing Materials for Integrated Circuits (IC) Applications Part I: Lateral Excitation


Electromagnetic emission from electronic devices is one of the aspect to be considered from electromagnetic Engineers and Designers; its prediction can be essential to avoid the degradation of the performance of the system. Using absorbing material is one way to limit and control the emission from devices such as integrated circuits (ICs). This paper deals with the investigation of the performance of an absorbing material, in near field, applied to an IC. The contribution is divided in two parts. In Part I, the excitation and ground ports are placed as close as possible, in two adjacent pins of the IC. The absorber is so arranged in two different ways: As a patch on the top face of the IC plastic package or as lid completely covering the IC. The results, in terms of shielding effectiveness, absorption, reflection, and transmission are then compared in Part II with the configuration in which the signal and ground ports are as far as possible.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Distribution Functions; Electromagnetic Shielding; Reflection; Shielding; Timing Circuits; Absorbing Materials; Attenuation; Face; Graphical Model; Integrated Circuit Modeling; Lossy Materials; Near Fields; Noise Measurements; Pins; Wave Impedances; Integrated Circuits; Near Field (NF); Wave Impedance

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01 Feb 2018